Facilities and Equipment
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CNC Milling (14”x 17”x 48”)

Manual Milling (45”x 53”x 66”)

CNC Turning (45”x 53”x 66”)

Manual Turning (45”x 53”x 66”)

Cylindrical Grinding (12”Diameter x 36”)

Surface Grinding (12” x 24” x 12”)

ID/OD Grinding (10" x 24")

Jig Boring (25”x 54”x 30”)

Water Jet (72”x 120”x 30”)

Wire EDM (24”x 17”x 14”)

Welding AWS, NAVSEA S9074-AR-G1B-010/278

Dead Load and Pressure Testing

Heat Treating

Complete Fabrication/Box Build

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